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New branch opening
New branch opening
"Barry" opened its new branch at Margaryan st. 6/1.

Yerevan-Marathon 2018
Yerevan-Marathon 2018
From October 20-21, 2018 Barry company took part in Yerevan-Marathon by representing its production as well as taping techniques to the audience of Marathon 2018.

Seminar on taping techniques
Seminar on taping techniques
Company Barry Trade organized a seminar-presentation on the subject of "Taping Technique" within the framework of "Yerevan Marathon 2018.”

Unique and useful goods

Товары, которые облегчат какую-либо работу, станут помощниками в повседневных делах, скрасят досуг и т.д. Нужные, полезные, интересные, разные - выбирайте! Возможно, о существовании каких-то вещей вы даже и не подозревали!

Winter shoes, Anti-slip devices (put on shoes)
Such adaptations for footwear against slipping in winter can be called differently: ice-floes, winter coats, ice drifts, anti-ice, anti-slip soles, anti-skid steels "winter horseshoe" for shoes, etc. But they have one main function: to protect you from falling on a slippery road in winter, to protect you from bruises and fractures. No need to worry about it anymore or think of another help - we offer various models for your safe movement in winter, especially on ice.
Relaxation glasses: for driving, computers, rehabilitation (sun proof)
The glasses were developed by Russian scientists under the guidance of Academician S. N. Fedorova. Produced in Russia. Relaxation glasses have successfully passed clinical trials and state registration, are certified and protected from forgery by the Russian Federation patent, as well as stickers with a registered trademark, proprietary packaging and a booklet.
The unique gifts presented in this section will please your family and friends. Here you can choose the right gift for a person of any age. Such gifts will be relevant in everyday life!
Excellent patency and reliability. More than a hundred models. Video - why 4 wheels? 3 types of bags:

on 2 wheels (normal)

on 4 wheels (easier to roll)

on 6 wheels (easy on the stairs)

Why does the cart need 4 wheels?

Shopping bags-trolleys (a shopping bag on wheels, a traveling bag-cart on wheels, a trolley economic manual) will help everyone who wants to keep their back healthy, to whom the lifting and carrying heavy weights is counter-indicative, etc. They are perfect for older people.

Where to buy a stylish shopping bag, which will help in everyday life, and travel, and trips to the country? "" offers you a wide range of household shopping carts on wheels of different capacity, load-carrying capacity, with different designs of a metal frame and the most diverse models and colors of bags!

Using handcart bags, you save not only your health, but also the environment, refusing to use plastic bags, which, among other things, are not always reliable.
Travel goods
В этом разделе вы найдете интересные и нужные товары, которые могут понадобится в дороге вам и вашим близким!