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New branch opening
New branch opening
"Barry" opened its new branch at Margaryan st. 6/1.

Yerevan-Marathon 2018
Yerevan-Marathon 2018
From October 20-21, 2018 Barry company took part in Yerevan-Marathon by representing its production as well as taping techniques to the audience of Marathon 2018.

Seminar on taping techniques
Seminar on taping techniques
Company Barry Trade organized a seminar-presentation on the subject of "Taping Technique" within the framework of "Yerevan Marathon 2018.”

Splints and braces

Medical bandages are special devices (belts) that are used to support, fix in the correct position of any area of the body, the system of organs, etc. Depending on the purpose the bandages are divided into: bandages for pregnant women, postnatal bandages, antenatal bandages; Postoperative, hernial, inguinal bandage; Orthopedic bandages (shoulder, knee, ankle, etc.) and others.

For Shoulder
Latchers for the shoulder joint are used for immobilization (immobilization) both separately and in combination with other devices on the joints of the upper limb, gypsum bandages. In this position, the mobility of the shoulder is limited, the pain sensations are reduced, etc.
For the Elbow
Elbow fixators are used for reliable support of elbows, ligaments and soft tissues, fixation and uniform compression of soft tissues, etc. There are models soft, elastic, and there is for a more rigid fixation, with a system of fasteners, belts.
For the wrist
Hand fixators restrict the pathological mobility of joints. Some models can be used instead of orthopedic cast (after consulting a doctor!) Used in the case of bruises, sprains, hand joints dislocation, arthritis, tendovaginitis, etc.
For the knee
Fixators for knee joint are designed to relieve the load, reduce mobility, after injuries and surgeries, to prevent traumas in case of increased load on the knee joint, etc. Knee pads can be soft, elastic or with metal stiffening ribs for better fixation, with heating effect, etc.
For the ankle
Serves to fix the ankle joint, ensuring stability. Prevention of injuries while practicing sports, injuries to the ligament apparatus, instability of the ankle joint. Reliably supports the joints, ligaments and soft tissues. They differ in the level of rigidity, material, etc.
For the spine
Serve for spine fixation in the correct position. They reduce the load on the back, prevent incorrect movements, etc. Used in case of acute and chronic pain, osteochondrosis and other degenerative diseases of the spine, etc. They differ from each other with form, materials, and rigidity degree.
For the neck
Cervical orthoses serve for some degree of fixation of the cervical spine. They are necessarily used in the case of cervical diseases, injuries, muscle injuries, etc. Models differ with the rigidity level, materials used and effects.
Послеоперационные, грыжевые бандажи
Применяется после хирургического вмешательства в области живота. Предназначен для реабилитации в послеоперационный период. Снижает нагрузку на шов и предотвращает расхождение краев послеоперационного шва.
Bandages for pregnant
Orthopedic bandages fix the organs of the abdominal cavity in a more favorable physiological position during and after pregnancy.
For the hip
Used to hold the hernial sac with a one-sided or two-sided hernia.
Sports orthopedic products are designed to prevent ligament injuries while exercising, as well as to reduce the risk of development of multiple ligament injuries during rehabilitation when returning to the usual sports loads.