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New branch opening
New branch opening
"Barry" opened its new branch at Margaryan st. 6/1.

Yerevan-Marathon 2018
Yerevan-Marathon 2018
From October 20-21, 2018 Barry company took part in Yerevan-Marathon by representing its production as well as taping techniques to the audience of Marathon 2018.

Seminar on taping techniques
Seminar on taping techniques
Company Barry Trade organized a seminar-presentation on the subject of "Taping Technique" within the framework of "Yerevan Marathon 2018.”

Sanitary facilities

Sanitary appliances simplify hygienic measures, as well as help patients in their natural physiological needs. Manufacturers of products of this group take into account a variety of conditions of patients: strictly attached to bed; independent movement in the room (chamber); opportunity to go to the bathroom and toilet. Therefore, knowing the needs of the people, they produce a wide variety of products to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and improve the quality of patient care (or older people) at home or in a hospital. Modern production of health products have always been in the service of the person in need!

Toilet chairs
If a sick person can not independently visit the bathroom, they can surely take advantage of these sanitary devices. They can be installed near the patient's bed in a hospital or at home. There are various options on the seat width, with wheels or without, etc.
Toilet Attachments
Such sanitary devices are installed directly on the toilet, and increase its height. It may be necessary to facilitate the people using the toilet after surgeries, injuries, people with disabilities, elderly people. Made of durable plastic, easy to clean.
Handrails for the toilet and bath
Used for additional support when visiting the bathroom and toilet room. First and foremost, it is important for the elderly, for debilitated patients after surgeries and injuries, people with impaired coordination, etc. The use of additional support devices near a bathtub, toilet, on the walls helps reduce the risk of injury!
Bath Lifts
Lifts greatly simplify care for the ill and disabled people. They ensure the movement of people with disabilities, both at home and in the public buildings.
Seats for bath and shower stools
To make the weakened, elderly person and a person with problems in the musculoskeletal system, with impaired coordination convenient to take water treatments and injury prevention in the bathroom, it is advised to use such sanitary bath equipment. It makes the person feel very comfortable to carry out hygienic procedures, get out of the bath, etc.
Vessels and urinals
It is not always guaranteed that a patient has the opportunity to go on their own to the toilet, for example, if the patient is on strict bed rest. Then you can use special devices. There are universal models, and there are models for men and women, that take the anatomical features into account.
Accessories for cleaning and hygiene
Want to safely take a shower without soaking with a plaster or bandage on the other arm or leg? And there is this special tools that protect against accidental ingress of water on the bandaged limb. This greatly facilitates hygienic measures and helps avoid unnecessary problems. Wash the hair of the sick person in the bed? - Now you can!
Bio-toilets & Accessories
This portable (handheld) device is designed for the natural physiological functions and can be used in the hospital and at home, putting next to the bed sick person who is difficult to use the fixed toilet. The use of special tools helps to eliminate odors, dispose of waste.
Steps for baths
To make it more convenient to use the bathroom, some people need additional tools. This is what happens at old age, and to debilitated patients after operations, injuries, etc. These tools assure prevention of home accidents, additional support, and, therefore, self-confidence!