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Bactericidal irradiator "Crystal" БНБ 01-11-001

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The use of ultraviolet germicidal emitter is an effective sanitary and anti-epidemic way. Its goal is to suppress the vital activity of microorganisms in the air and on the surfaces of premises.
Disinfection of air by the UV-emitter is one of the ways to reduce the level of infectious diseases. It meets all the necessary existing sanitary norms and rules for the arrangement and maintenance of premises.
The antibacterial effect of the UV-emitter, which is part of the spectrum of electromagnetic waves (wavelength 205-315 mm) of the optical range, is manifested in destructive-modifying photochemical DNA lesions in the cell nucleus of microorganisms, which leads to the death of a microbial cell in the first or subsequent generations.
The 'Crystal' bactericidal irradiator is designed for air disinfection of residential and non-residential premises for domestic use. The main element of the irradiator is the bactericidal lamp.

If the lamp is broken, it is necessary to collect the droplets of mercury with a rubber bulb, and then wash the area where the lamp broke with 1% solution of potassium permanganate.
The process of the disinfection should be done when there are no people. After the process, it is recommended to ventilate the room.

It is forbidden!

  • The presence of people, animals, and plants while the irradiator is switched on;

  • Presence of children when the irradiator is switched on;

  • To repair or replace the lamp of the irradiator when it is connected to the network;

  • To exploit the irradiator with broken wire insulations

Bellow find the approximate data of the irradiation time for the disinfection of premises for various microorganisms. The effectiveness of the bactericidal process is 90%.

  • Staphylococcus aureus - 2 hours

  • Diphtheria bacillus - 1 hour 20 min

  • Yellow Sarcin - 7 hours 40 min

  • Intestinal bacillus - 1 hour 10 min

  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa - 2 hours 5 minutes

  • Influenza virus - 1 hour 25 min

  • Bacteriophage of Escherichia coli - 1 hour 25 min

  • Mushrooms, fungal mold - 9 hours 25 min

The average area of the room is 20 sq. M, the height of the walls is 3 m.

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