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Bottle warmer BD3200, multifunctional

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Bremed BD 3200 heats and maintains the temperature of the bottle with any filling (milk, mixtures, cereals) to 40 ° degrees. The device has the ability to heat and maintain the temperature of the bottles in the range from 40 ° to 60 ° degrees. The heating tank is universal and can accommodate any kind of baby bottle. The kit for the bottle warmer includes a special bowl for food and a measuring cup.

Bremed BD 3200 heats food in a bowl in the range from 40 ° to 60 ° degrees. The bowl for food is universal and is intended for both heating and feeding. The measuring cup can be used for making children's mixtures, cereals and first food.

One of the functions of the bottle warmer Bremed BD 3200 is the sterilization of children's dishes. The steam treatment procedure quickly and effectively cleans the bottles and nipples from contaminants and destroys all microorganisms. Bremed BD 3200 has been certified, and produced from high-quality environmentally friendly materials. A reliable instrument thermostat is able to maintain a precisely set temperature for a long time.

Bottle Preheater Bremed BD 3200 is a universal device for the preparation of baby food. Feeding an infant always requires certain preparatory procedures, regardless of the type of food crumbs. When preparing baby food, three main points must be considered. First of all, it's efficiency, the baby can not be asked to wait or suffer, so the food should be prepared in the shortest possible time. The second point is the preheating temperature, the food should not be too hot or too cold. Optimum is considered heating of a food up to temperature of a human body - 36-37 ° degrees. The third point is the purity of children's dishes. Bottles, nipples and containers for complementary foods are recommended to be washed with running water, and then sterilized with steam.



     Warming, sterilization




     Metal, plastic


     1 bottle

Number of heating modes


Preset temperature control


Ready indicator



     From the network

Dimensions, mm

     120 x 140 x 115 mm


     50 Hz, 230 V, 80 W


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