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Mesh nebulizers Omron NE-U22 MicroAIR

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The device is convenient and mobile, a pocket format weighing 97 grams of work from two batteries, a closed type of camera with protection from spilling the drug will make inhalation at different angles and in a horizontal position, which makes it very convenient for children and bedridden patients, , 4 hours

The unique technology of V.M.T. is a technology of a vibrating mesh-membrane. Thanks to this technology, the aerosol production process combines the best of compressor and ultrasonic nebulizers. To form an aerosol, the liquid medicament is sieved through the membrane-mesh, forming a fine aerosol. Unlike traditional ultrasonic nebulizers, the energy of the piezoelectric element is not directed at the solution or suspension, but on the vibrating horn with a low frequency of ultrasonic vibrations of 180 kHz, there is no change in the structure of the drug. The liquid medicinal product is not subjected to reverse recirculation and is immediately delivered to the patient's respiratory tract.


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