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Pedometer Barry Fit E210

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Digital Pedometer Barry E210 is an accurate and reliable assistant in calculation of steps. The well designed touchpad and the absence of any buttons make the use of the pedometer convenient not only during intensive running, but also in an easy walk. Key features include a count of steps, measuring of the distance traveled, calories, speed, time spent on exercises, watches, memory for 7 days.

Why do we need pedometers and fitness trackers?

When the physical human activity during the day is not enough to expend energy (derived from food), the body lays received calories as fat. 5000 steps or less is an information that the calories are not burned, but gradually accumulate. An inactive lifestyle can lead to increased health problems. Using a pedometer you can track your activity for the day.

How does the pedometer (fitness tracker) work?

The principle of the pedometer is determining whether the contact of the foot with the ground is done, which is fixed with the probe-accelerometer.

Recommendations by the number of steps per day.

·       10,000 steps - to support the health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

·       12,000 - 15,000 steps- For effective weight loss

·       30,000 or more steps - To ensure a high level of fitness.

Features of the pedometer Barry Е210:

·       Touch control panel

·       Counter of Calories

·       Mileage Calculator

·       Calculation of the velocity (walking or running)

·       Memory of 7 days

·       It displays the time spent on exercising

·       Compact

Production Barry fit.

Barry fit is a modern and ergonomic production for a healthy lifestyle. Pedometers and fitness trackers Barry help track your activity for the day.


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