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Breathalyzer professional Dingo B-02

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  • Brand: Arides
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The breathalyzer for entrance control Dingo B-02 is used to control employees at the entrance to the enterprise. The device is equipped with a high-precision electrochemical sensor designed for continuous operation with a large flow of people. The plastic case of the breathalyzer protects the device from moisture and dust. Breathalyzer Dingo B-02 can work both separately and as a part of an access control system. A variety of ports make it possible to connect the instrument to other systems and devices. The device can be connected to a personal computer via the USB connector (the cable is included in the set).

Features of Dingo B-02:

  • Electrochemical sensor.
  • Preparation for the first test: up to 30 seconds.
  • Performance: up to 7 tests per minute.
  • Output signals: 3 relay, 5 control.

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