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Breathalyzer professional Dingo E-200

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  • Brand: Arides
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Features of Dingo E-200Dingo E-200 is a medical analyzer designed to quickly and accurately measure the mass concentration of ethanol vapor in exhaled air.

Dingo E-200 is equipped with electrochemical sensor with increased durability, can be used for pre-flight and pre-trip inspection of employees, and with a printer for medical examination and examination in the STSI.

The device works both with a mouthpiece, and without it. It has a full-text graphic display, a Russian-language menu, an internal memory for 500 measurements and a slot for SD memory card: all this provides a convenient and easy use of the device.

Dingo E-200 is equipped with a port to which a printer can be connected using a special cable to print the test results.

Dingo E-200 - the first professional device with the technology of a replaceable sensor unit. Replacing the electrochemical sensor does not require special skills or contacting the service center.

Features of Dingo E-200 (B):

  • Electrochemical sensor.
  • Test with/without mouthpiece, with mouthpiece-funnel.
  • Connects to a special printer.
  • Internal memory for 500 measurements.
  • Used for medical examination.
  • Used for pre-trip and pre-flight inspection of employees.
  • Used for inspection in STSI.

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