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Breathalyzer professional Drivesafe II

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  • Brand: Arides
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The Drivesafe II breathalyzer is a modern device for professional measurement of the mass concentration of ethanol vapors in exhaled air, equipped with a high-precision fuel cell sensor, which allows you to carry out tests with the highest accuracy, stability and high speed of preparation for them.

"The Drivesafe II breathalyzer is a professional measurement instrument and is also used in pre-trip and pre-shift check-ups of employees.

The Drifesave II is equipped with a complete airflow control system to avoid measurement errors such as insufficient exhalation or exhalation past the installed mouthpiece.

Features of Drivesafe II:

  • Fuel cell sensor.
  • Liquid crystal display.
  • It is a measuring instrument.
  • It is used for pre-trip and pre-shift examination of employees.

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