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Manual caliper

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Caliper. Individual measuring of skinfold thickness. It is used to control the correctness of fitness classes, the ratio of fat and muscle mass, calculating the ideal body weight. 1.1% error rate compared to the method of underwater weighing.


The proper way to control the body weight.


When you want to lose weight, then you certainly want to get rid of the extra kilos of fat while maintaining muscle mass. Using calipers, you can accurately determine the number of kilograms of muscle mass and the number of kilograms of fat. This will allow you to calculate the target body weight in an effort to which you can be sure that you will lose weight due to excess fat, but not at the expense of muscle weight.


The method of calculating ideal body weight.

1. Determine the correct percentage of body fat. To do this, measure the thickness of the skin fold calipers, and the attached table to find the value of the percentage of fat at the intersection of age values and skinfold thickness.

Say your body weight is 80 kg, body fat percentage determined using the caliper and the appended table is 30%.


Table for the calculation of the percentage of fat in the body can be seen in the manual or in the additional photos.


This means that the mass of fat is equal to 24 kg, and the available fat-free mass is 56 kg.

You have decided that you will strive for 22% fat content. This ratio is scientifically considered ideal, because the body needs a certain amount of fat.

Target fat-free mass in this ratio was 78% (100%-22%).


2. To get the target ideal body weight, divide the available fat-free mass in kilograms to target fat free mass percentage and multiply by 100.

56/78*100=71.8 kg.

Therefore, you should strive for a body weight of about 72 kg and lose 8 kg to maintain muscle mass and achieve ideal body fat.


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