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Door trainer mediQ 24320

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  • Brand: mediQ
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·       Such a simulator for hands can be used to prevent contractures of the joints, also for training of the upper limbs and the shoulder girdle muscles after an illness.

·       Making an active-passive movements with hands, the patient receives all possible strain on the hands, forearms, shoulders. Activities on the simulator can be included in a complex of physiotherapy in rehabilitation after any disease.


Before use, be sure to consult with your doctor!

·       The simulator can be used at home - it does not take much space, gets attached to the door.

·       Sizes: varied

·       Package dimensions: 39х18х9 cm

·       Weight without packaging: 0.9 kg

·       Weight with packaging: 1 kg

·       Packaging: simulator, cardboard packaging

·       Material: galvanized steel, plastic, polyester, rubber


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