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Salt lamp "Pyramid"

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Salt lamp is an environmentally friendly source of light. Since ancient times, salt has been used to strengthen immunity and improve metabolism. At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists proved that "salt vapor" has a positive effect on the human body. Mountain salt is mined all over the world, but the Himalayan mountains are still considered the most valuable source, where the salt for the Barry lamps is mined.


  • Promotes air purification and ionization;
  • Has a beneficial effect on immunity;
  • Helps fight depression and stress;
  • Promotes the restoration of healthy sleep;
  • Reduces the influence of electromagnetic fields;
  • It is used to prevent ARVI, asthma and allergies.
Power 220
Package height, cm 18
Packaging width, cm 14
Packing length, cm 14
Shipping Weight, g. 500

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