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New branch opening
New branch opening
"Barry" opened its new branch at Margaryan st. 6/1.

Yerevan-Marathon 2018
Yerevan-Marathon 2018
From October 20-21, 2018 Barry company took part in Yerevan-Marathon by representing its production as well as taping techniques to the audience of Marathon 2018.

Seminar on taping techniques
Seminar on taping techniques
Company Barry Trade organized a seminar-presentation on the subject of "Taping Technique" within the framework of "Yerevan Marathon 2018.”

Breathalyzers and drug tests

Breathalyzer is an electronic device designed to determine the level of alcohol in the blood of a man in the exhaled air. Actively used to detect the state of intoxication of drivers and employees of various organizations. Breathalyzers are designed for more than 150 tests without recharging the battery. This means that it is possible and necessary to check the individual once a day. Subject to the rules of operation the device can not be deceived or spoiled after congestion and long-term use.You can choose any type of professional equipment, disposable, personal as well as purchase the necessary accessories. When buying you should pay attention to the basic parameters of the device: a way to blow; sensor type; measuring range; display type; Dining options; recommended number of tests per day. Personal devices are used, as a rule, for the self-control; they can be used to carry out a small number of tests per day. Professional devices are ready to test a much larger number of people. They can be used for the STSI employees, as well as enterprises and organizations with pre-trip inspections of drivers. Sufficiently large assortment of these devices will allow you to choose exactly what you need.

Professional Breathalyzers
The most perfect as well as the most expensive devices to detect alcohol. All models are equipped with a highly selective electrochemical sensors, also the control system of the power and duration of flushing. Sensor signal processing program takes into account factors such as temperature and the presence of alcohol vapor in the environment, which minimizes the error in such devices. Most models allow to test both through the mouthpiece, and without it. Professional Breathalyzers have a full set of permits and may be used for a medical examination on the state of alcoholic intoxication and drivers pre-trip inspection. Under the current legislation of the RF model Breathalyzer with the ability to print the result of traffic police can be used for transport drivers examination resources on the state of alcoholic intoxication.
Breathalyzers for pre-trip inspection
Personal Breathalyzers
These devices are for personal use to determine the level of alcohol in the blood by the human exhaled air. They are used for self-control, some models can be used for the examination of a small number of people in the company, in an organization. Is used with or without blowing the mouthpiece.
Breathalyzers for Entertaining Institutions
These models are designed for installation in public places of entertainment such as clubs, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. Each visitor who used alcohol in these places can perform the test and decide whether he is in the condition to drive or it would be better to call taxi or maybe a sober friend nearby.
Breathalyzers for Access Control Systems
Breathalyzer for installation at the entrance of enterprises, organizations, etc. It is easily integrated into any access control system. Purging without mouthpiece provides fast operation of the device that makes it possible not to create a queue at the entrance. Dingo B-01 can operate autonomously, being in a constant state of readiness for the test.
Purging with mouthpiece is much more precise than without the mouthpiece. Without blowing the mouthpiece the exhaled force, the distance from the lips to the test device, tilt, and environmental conditions become more of a maintenance (the presence of alcohol vapors in the ambient air, wind strength and direction, etc.).
Drug Tests
To carry out a rapid test for drugs for example at home, you can use these special strips applied with reagents. Body fluids (saliva, urine) are used for the analysis. There are special strips for only one type of drug, but there are also multi-test systems.